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Tasker APK V5.0.1 Download For FREE – Latest Version 2019

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Tasker APK is an application enabled for android phone that performs all tasks based on contexts such as time, location, application, date, events etc. It is an automation application and monitors the phone for contexts before performing tasks on them.

When the user creates a list of actions on their mobile, it is called a task, which is kept for execution at a later stage based on a variety of contexts. The user will instruct the Tasker apk to perform a particular action X when an action Y happens, it delays with complex actions and is designed with cross-platform usability feature installed in it.

Tasker APK V5.0.1 Download For Android 2019

Functions of Tasker apk

Below are the important functions that the app is capable of, with a number of updates with the existing app it is possible to add and remove a number of features to it.

  • It is possible to change the home icons and wallpaper in particular locations
  • Operate passcode lock sensitive applications
  • It is possible to change phone settings using apps and time
  • Rotate the phone in landscape and portrait mode
  • Toggle speaker phone and Tilt it to 90 degrees during a call
  • It is possible to remap camera and unzip apps data on the go
  • Pause music when the user is using another app, take time-lapse photos, and take back up of files in the SD card
  • The app helps to track the location of the phone if it’s lost
  • Record calls on the SD card show pop-ups when a message is received from a particular contact
  • Set up reminders before months, set up different vacation messages for different contacts.


The Tasker Apk one of the best automation apps out there that is capable of performing a number of actions at the same time, but it requires its users to understand its logistics and the intact programming behind it. It is important to install the application on a high-end phone to realize its maximum benefits.

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